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Best Restaurants to Dine in Fort Collins

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Every region in this world claims to have its own diversity when it comes to food. There is no doubt about that each place is special in its own way due to its distinctive culinary specialties. In Fort Collins, you are going to experience, diversity, creativity, freshness, quality and flavors like many other places around the globe. But, there is something about this city that you can successfully find certain points of distinction to keep the city at top place in your list of favorites. In Fort Collins, your money can go a long way. No matter how much you pay for your meals here, you are going to get a high value for whatever you paid. This is what makes people to take a route back to Fort Collins from their homeland. So, if your stomach still gurgles out of hunger for an outright delectable food, you must feed it with the mouth-drooling cuisines of Fort Collins. You don't need to waste your time in Internet research. We are sharing our list of the top-picks which are worth your time and money.

Image by Minaxibose1992 (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

Lucile's Restaurant

Breakfast is an important meal of the day. But mere having breakfast is not enough. The most vital point to pay attention to is how tasty it was, how wholesome it was, and how rich the quality was. Lucile's Restaurant took this job very seriously. Keeping in mind the importance of breakfast in one's life, Lucile's Restaurant is sincerely engaged into delivering the best and luscious breakfast in the city. The restaurant is 36 years old, but it has always kept its freshness, creativity, taste, and quality intact. Food may perish but the reputation of Lucile's. Though food is the foremost factor that attracts people to Lucile's, but its comfortable ambiance keeps them captivated for hours. On every bite to its food, you would conspire to steal it's recipes. Even if you get succeeded in knowing their recipes, from where you will manage to serve yourself with flawless and ever-smiling staff members. Indeed, Lucile's is also famed for its faultless hospitality. Hence, if you have already left home in search of scrumptious food, then you must have clue where to stop by.
Address: 400 South Meldrum Street, Fort Collins, CO 80521, United States
Phone: 1 970.224.5464
Website: www.luciles.com
Operation Hours: Monday-Friday (7:00 am-2:00 pm); Saturday and Sunday (8:00 am-2:00 pm)

Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant

If you are a big junkie of Mexican food, then you ought to visit Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant in Fort Collins. No matter how well you know this city, if you haven't made it to Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant, then you can't be called a true Mexican buff. For its blemish-free reputation and unbeatable popularity, one must say thanks to its adherence to age-old traditional recipes, authentic Mexican flavors, using freshest ingredients, and possessing a curious mind that always strives for pleasing its diners with commendable innovation. Now, we can anticipate why people call it the 'Best Patio in Old Town'. But, if you think that after exposing your taste buds to its delectable food would stub out your hunger, then you are wrong this time. The food served here is so mouth-drooling that it will make you addict to it. It will accentuate your penchant for Mexican food but only in Rio's style. Of course, you can't compromise with taste and quality, can you?
Address: 143 West Mountain Avenue, Fort Collins, CO 80524, United States
Phone: 1 970.224.5428
Website: www.riograndemexican.com/
Operation Hours: Sunday-Wednesday (11:00 am-10:00 pm); Thursday-Saturday (11:00 am-12:00 am)

Restaurant 415

If you think American, eat American and wear American, then my friend, you belong to Restaurant 415 where your love for America is catered well especially by the means of food. Stop drooling! We haven't said much about the restaurant yet. If after your first visit here, you keenly want to come here time and again, then you a big thanks to four food wizards, i.e., Sean Olander, Amelia Mouton, Seth Baker and Andre Mouton. From the first stone to present-day developments of Restaurant 415, these four maestros strove round the clock to introduce a novice in the market and metamorphose it into people's choice. Throughout their journey so far, they have achieved many milestones that are hard to achieve and surpass. Rivals! if you are all ears, then its time to roll up your sleeves. Today, Restaurant 415 is famed amongst locals as well as tourists as an unprecedented melting pot of simplicity and creativity. So, have you booked a table for you and your loved one? Do it right away if you don't want to wait up in long stand-still queues.

Address: 415 South Mason Street, Fort Collins, CO 80524, United States
Phone: 1 970.407.0415
Website: www.thefourfifteen.com
Operation Hours: Tuesday-Thursday (11:00 am-2:00 pm, 5:00 pm-9:30 pm); Friday and Saturday (11:00 am-10:00 pm); Sunday (11:00 am-9:00 pm); remains closed on Mondays

Panino's Italian Restaurant

In 1974, Everetta Lou and Tony Frasca together laid the foundation stones of Panino's Italian Restaurant, and since then the restaurant has been growing by leaps and bounds. Its rivals are still looking for that secret mantra keeping Panino's Italian Restaurant a way ahead of them. It's been more than 30 years, and Panino's Italian Restaurant still believes that they are new to this town and business and striving round the clock to maintain and surpass what it has achieved over the years. That's the very spirit of Panino's Italian Restaurant that is hard to undermine. It still believes that it has a long way to go, but we don't. For us, it is just the best. Be it oven baked pizza, Panino sandwich, or fresh pasta, there is one stop for all these, and that is, Panino's Italian Restaurant. The menu is quite wide enough to gratify your penchant for delectable Italian delicacies.
Address: 310 West Prospect Road, Fort Collins, CO 80526, United States
Phone: 1 970.498.8292
Website: www.fortcollinspaninos.com/50518/home
Operation Hours: Sunday-Thursday (11:00 am-9:00 pm); Friday and Saturday (11:00 am-9:30 pm)


When we say first Brazilian Steakhouse restaurant in United States, only name that pops up in our mind is Rodizio Grill. It opened its door for diners in 1995. A passionate Brazilian foodie, i.e., Ivan Utrera laid the foundation of Rodizio Grill. His culinary expertise, competent mind, and courageous heart helped him find a place for its effort and tries. If we talk about today's scenario, all we can say that Ivan Utrera not only successfully found a place for its establishment amongst its counterparts but also commendably surpassed them. When and how, its rivals are still figuring out. But, its fans and followers have answer to this intruding question. Rodizio is kind of a place that values one's money. People invest their money and trust all they get in turn are luscious food, quality, and satisfaction. Hence, you can never go wrong if you choose Rodizio when Brazilian delicacies are on your mind.

Address: 200 Jefferson Street, Fort Collins, Colorado 80524, United States
Phone: 1 970.482.3103
Website: www.rodiziogrill.com
Operation Hours: Monday-Thursday (5:00-10:00 pm); Friday and Saturday (11:00 am-10:00 pm); Sunday (11:00 am-9:00 pm)

Rainbow Restaurant

Rainbow Restaurant is kind of a place where sun smiles at you. If you are looking for a place where you can go and relax your weary body and indulge into lip-smacking delicacies, then Rainbow Restaurant can fulfill all your wishes. The view around its garden patio is quite breathtaking. This alfresco setting is ample to accentuate your mood and fill you up with humongous tranquility. This sun-dappled patio lights up every corner and stone flanking you. Greenery around will make you realize that the color of love is green as it caught your eyeballs and made you fall head over heels for Rainbow Restaurant. This loveliness of nature will not make you realize how long you waited for your order to reach your tables from the kitchen. Only the aroma of food wafting out of the kitchen can break your engagement with the nature around. Now enjoy your feast.
Address: 212 West Laurel Street, Fort Collins, CO 80521, United States
Phone: 1 970.221.2664
Website: www.rainbowfortcollins.com
Operation Hours: Monday-Friday (6:30 am-2:00 pm); Saturday and Sunday (7:00 am-2:00 pm)

Cafe Athens

If its about Mediterranean and Greek delicacies, then you must spend your money at Cafe Athens. Its by no means a baseless claim. Take a stroll around the city and ask locals, and they will tell you how worth its is to pop in here and satiate your hunger for Mediterranean and Greek cuisines. The restaurant has revived the traditional Greek and Mediterranean recipes remarkably. It evoked people's love and craving for these delicacies once again. After grabbing your first bite to its food, you will realize that this is something that you haven't tasted before and of course, this is something that is way tastier than anything else that you have tasted before. Souvlaki, Mousaka, baked chicken, dolmathes, baklava, falafel, broiled lean gyros meat, gyros, eggplant, spinach pie, and many more delicacies are ruling millions of hearts. Give it a try. We are sure you will love it.

Address: 2842 Council Tree Avenue #149, Fort Collins, Colorado 80525, United States
Phone: 1 970.232.9084
Website: www.cafe-athens.com
Operation Hours: Monday-Saturday (11:00 am-9:00 pm); Sunday (11:00 am-7:00 pm)

Inca Mexican Restaurant

In order to please you with authentic Mexican cuisines, Inca Mexican Restaurant always makes sure that it uses only freshest ingredients. This is the reason behind the rich quality and freshness of its food. And, we believe this is what you actually pay for rather what's flecked on the menu. Before proceeding further, let us introduce you with two brothers who gave this beautiful gift to the city. Jose and Javier Rodriguez are those wizards who started off their journey with this haven for foodies in 1984. Their home-style recipes stole everybody's heart, and in turn, Inca Mexican Restaurant has become a popular and common point of discussion at everybody's house. Inca Mexican Restaurant's signature creations are also keeping it a way ahead of other restaurants and settings in its vicinity. We believe you have already switch off your burners and planned dinner at Inca Mexican Restaurant.
Address: 2413 South College Avenue, Fort Collins, CO 80525, United States
Phone: 1 970.484.3400
Website: www.incamexican.com/
Operation Hours: Sunday-Thursday (11:00 am-10:00 pm); Friday and Saturday (11:00 am-11:00 pm)

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